Peace concert in madrid

Peace concert in Barcelona

Spain Choir 'Millennium'


Spain Choir 'Millennium' is the only foreign professional choir in the world that sings Korean folk songs and songs. All members of the choir, except for the conductor, were composed of Spanish musicians. They are a famous choir in Spain and Europe through a wide range of activities.

Director Jae-Sik Lim

Coro de Atalaya as conductor Garcia Lorca

Coral de Farmaceutica MADRID Conductor

Escuela de Madrid y Danza S/S Orchestra, Vocal Professor, Coro San Jorge Choir Conductor

Spanish Correspondents’ Choir (current) conductor

Spanish national broadcaster RTVE Choir (current) tenor part leader

Spanish Millennium Orchestra, Choir (Current) President and Conductor

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latest news

  1. Singing Korea in Korean.. The world’s only Korean folk song, the Spanish Millennium Choir to sing a song to Korea
  2. A nursery rhyme resounds under the Spanish sky, and the Spaniards are enthusiastic ~~
  3. YTN’s Arirang Embracing Spain Directed by Jae-sik Lim

2023 Plan of concerts

  • Madrid 5/27


  • Firenze, Italy 7/1


  • Barcelona 7/8


  • Korea 8/8 – 8/31

Time left for the first concert :

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