Vocal Group Millennium

The only foreign choir in the world that sings Korean folk songs!

The Spanish Millennium Choir, which was founded solely by members of the Spanish choir to spread our popular songs and songs to Spaniards and Europeans, is a unique show in the world where a foreign choir performs our music with an attractive voice.

Beyond ours for the world! “Millennium Vocal Group”

Our ‘Kimchi’ and ‘Bulgogi’ as well as ‘Nanta’ which combines our rhythm and Taekwondo etc.
Opportunities for people around the world to naturally experience Korean culture are increasing.
At a time when Korean food and culture are attracting the attention of people all over the world, the ‘Millennium Vocal Group’ is the only choir in the world that sings Korean songs and Korean-language folk songs, all dressed in Korean clothing. widely advertised.

The ‘Grupo Vocal Millennium’, founded by Jae-sik Lim in Spain, is a choir that introduces Spanish songs in Korea and Korean songs in Spain.

Director Lim formed the choir in 1999, 10 years ago. He named the Millennium Vocal Group to mark the end of the 20th century and the 21st century to come. Subsequently, 25 selected from among 80 members of ‘RTVE (Coro de la Radio y Televisión del Estado de España)’ joined the ‘Grupo Vocal Millennium’. ‘RTVE’ is the benchmark choir in Spain with 50 years of history.

Director Lim graduated from Seoul High School of the Arts and majored in vocal music at Hanyang University before moving to Madrid in 1983. He has lived in Madrid, Spain for 27 years, establishing his foundation as a singer and director. of choir It has been his long-held wish to create a choir that sings Korean songs in Korean.

As a result, since 2001 he received an offer to appear on state television, and live performances are broadcast every year. Performances continued in Europe and Israel, and they also performed in Korea around August every year. Also, in recognition of his contribution to the exchanges between Korea and Spain, Director Lim received the Order of the King’s Cross from the Spanish government.

Director Jae-Sik Lim

"I wanted to say. We (Koreans) learn 'edelweiss' when we were in elementary school. There is no rule that says 'Arirang'(Korean Traditional Song) should not be included in Spanish music textbooks..."

Director Lim


Graduated from the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid, Spain

Principal Conductor of the Villa Madrid Choir and Director of the Mara Flores Choir in Spain

Orfeón Magerit appointed principal conductor of the Choir, he served as director of the García Lorca Choir

Israel Kibbutz Orchestra Invitational Conducting 10 times

Current Millennium Vocal Group Orchestra Regular Director of the Madrid Musicians Association Choir Director

Professor at the San Sebastián de Los Reyes School of Music

List of appearances in television shows

KBS Korean Report
The person Jo Young-nam met
Kim Dong-gun’s Koreans in Korea
CTS-TV I’m always happy
Arirang TV Heart to Heart
KBS Hit Era (Aired 2012) / Selected as one of the top six shows commemorating KBS’s 100th Hit Era (Aired July 6, 2013)
The protagonist of the Ytn documentary ‘Arirang Embracing Spain’
Gyeongin Broadcasting Always a good day I’m Tusihyun…

The tears and hopes of Jae-sik Lim, a tenor who is a believer in action and a messenger of Korean music, who is building a reputation as a very special singer and conductor on Spanish state TV, and the pitiful scenery of exotic life are moving toward a “luxury life” with the help of God the Holy Spirit. story!

Foreword: The happiness of life taught by studying abroad

First story: Until I decided to go to Spain

Second story: Grupo Vocal Millennium that made me meet the real me

Third story: Towards an unfinished project

4th story: I met Jaesik Lim

Lim Jae-sik’s concert tour through photos